Enthusiasm and wonder!

Teaching Philosophy

Marshunda was lucky enough to have attended the Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences (CSAS) in Tennessee. It was there that the Paideia philosophy and the teachers' belief in this philosophy showed Marshunda that there is more to learning than just sitting and listening. The teachers at CSAS were excited to teach and were equally excited when the students engaged them in a discussion. Marshunda's early exposure to this teaching method has helped shape her teaching method today.

Cello quartet 2
After Salem, MA street performance
Teacher/Parent chat, mid performance
Cello quartet rehearsal
The 4 Cellistas
After a rehearsal for our Mid Summer Mini concert in Salem, MA
Taking time to grab lunch between gigs
Teaching a student about the different planes of bowing
It takes a warm soul to elegantly express the slow movements
1st recital performance and she's already a pro! #songsfromrecitals
A happy bunch after successfully performing El Toro during a talent show
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