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Conductor. Cellist. Teacher

Originally hailing from Tennessee, Marshunda's enchantment with music began in 6th grade when she first picked up the cello. Initially sparked by a teenage crush, her passion quickly evolved into a genuine love for the instrument. Earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, marked the inception of her musical odyssey.

Her journey took a significant turn while teaching at a local high school, where her enthusiasm for conducting and music education flourished. This newfound love led her to pursue a Master's degree in Orchestral Conducting with a focus on Music Education at the University of Southern Maine. Along this journey, Marshunda had the privilege of receiving mentorship from distinguished conductors such as James Fellenbaum, Victor Yampolsky, Robert Lehmann, Adrian Gnam, and others.

Adrian Gnam and others have noted that Marshunda's conducting style bears a striking resemblance to the Ilyia Musin technique, a rarely taught style in American conservatories and schools of music. This expressive technique emphasizes conveying the music with minimal verbal statements, making it a unique and powerful method of communication between conductor and orchestra.

During her time in Maine, Marshunda's conducting talents shone as she led the Odeon Youth Orchestra and conducted at various music festivals. However, her musical journey ultimately led her to the Boston area, where she established herself in the North Shore community while maintaining connections in Maine and New Hampshire.

Driven by a commitment to push the boundaries of classical music, Marshunda co-founded the groundbreaking No-Name Orchestra of Boston. This innovative ensemble challenges norms by bringing soloists and orchestra members together for performances without rehearsals, fostering spontaneous and captivating musical experiences. Now in its 8th year, the No-Name Orchestra continues to captivate audiences across the Boston metro area with its unique approach.

In February 2018, Marshunda made history by guest conducting the North Shore Philharmonic Orchestra, becoming the second female conductor in two decades and the first African American conductor in its 70-year history.

A pivotal year for Marshunda was 2018, where she captivated Boston audiences with her Coquettish Dances program, a chamber music sensation. This program resonated with her hometown in Tennessee when she returned to offer her first concert in Chattanooga in two decades, subsequently releasing Coquettish Dances as an album.

Currently, Marshunda channels her artistic energies into "The Marshunda Project," which encompasses the Cherry Hill Chamber Orchestra and NoName Orchestra. Premiering on October 5, 2019, The Marshunda Project featured new compositions by local talents and brought lesser-known works for chamber orchestra into the spotlight.

In September 2023, Marshunda made history once again by accepting the position of Music Director & Conductor for the Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra, becoming the first black female to lead the Lowell organization. Shortly after, she accepted the role of Music Director for the opera "Post: Pardon," scheduled to be performed in Maine in June 2024 and June 2025.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Marshunda is a dedicated educator, inspiring the next generation of musicians at the Waldorf School in Beverly, MA. She also maintains a private music studio for violin, viola, and cello students. Marshunda shares her wealth of knowledge by mentoring fellow Waldorf teachers across the United States and is currently working on her first book, further solidifying her legacy in the world of music education.

Her approachability and genuine love for music are evident in every note she conducts, sometimes even dancing on the podium as she brings together the orchestra and the audience. Marshunda's future aspirations include guest conducting up and down the East Coast, continuing to share her unique approach to music and fostering the growth of classical music appreciation. To experience the vibrant new programs Marshunda is building in the New England area, reach out, connect, and become a part of her musical community.

"Our son is loving having  his violin lessons with you.  We  already  noticed  his wanting  to  practice  again after just knowing  he was going  to  be  with  you." - Luciano S.

"Thank you for breathing us in during the performance. We seldom get that.." - NH brass player

"I always know exactly where you want the music! - Mary Jane F.

"I'll follow your conducting anywhere!" - Cape Ann Symphony musician

"Telling our daughter that it's ok to make mistakes has decreased her anxiety level while performing. Thank you! - Larissa M.

"It's impressive that you can bring an orchestra and soloist together on no rehearsals!" - Celia R.

"You are so easy to follow!" - Nancy P.

"You have this ability to see the best in every child and allow them to imagine and paint a picture while playing. My daughter is better for that. Thank you.

     - Jennifer R. 

"Well THAT was fun and exciting!"

   - No-Name Orchestra soloist after 1st       and only run-thru/ performance

"Instead of switching to another violin teacher, my daughter showed me cellos for sale. She doesn't want to leave you. 

   - Myriah K.

"You explain things in an age appropriate and understanding way to my class. My students respect that about you."

      - 8th grade Waldorf class teacher

You are a bright joyful light. You make the best of every situation and have undying positivity for the kids!

     - 2nd grade class teacher 

"When I look up and see you shaking your hips while conducting, I feel the music more."  

    - No-Name Orchestra instrumentalist

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